Custom Work – Felt Glass

Custom Work


Please contact me here to discuss the creation of special order glass works of a functional, architectural or artistic nature.

Functional: I can design and produce a variety of decorative functional items which can include personalized messages or company logos. For years, I designed and produced decorative functional furniture here.

Architectural Consulting: I have years of experience in the decorative architectural glass field having facilitated the creation of numerous projects from bathroom vanities to entire hotel lobbies.  I have managed, from inception through manufacturing and installation, many large-scale projects for top design and architecture firms including Disney Imagineering and Gensler Architects here.

Artistic: I have created numerous one-of-a-kind artworks in a variety of glass techniques including kiln-forming, sand-carving, lost wax and sand casting.  Please see the Art Collection section here of the site for current offerings.